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CONCERTO CARBON CASE:   Export price starts on 920 EUR 
                                                                (1.113 EUR incl. VAT)     

All prices Exclude VAT exworks CCCases, Czech Republic

There are some extra options avaiable for additional charge (please see bellow)

Price of standard case Includes:
Carbon fiber case with ceramic gloss finish (pictured in "Products" section), Unique leather hand made handle, comfortable shoulder straps, High quality interior velvet padding - avaiable in Bronze, Silver, Bordeaux or Ivory. Interior Storage/string box, Certificate of autenticity

1. Please fill up your contact information 

2. Decide on your color of interior (see the color samples bellow) and extra options if desired

3. Decide on your color of leather handle

4. Choose the exterior color of finish, 3 optionals
   1 - standard - visible carbon structure - no extra charge
   2 - extra color according RAL code - /for extra charge, see the price below in section optionals/
   3 - new model black/blue colored carbon - /for extra charge, see the price below in section optionals/

    / There´s always used the final layer of high gloss invisible ceramic finish 
on each of those 3 kinds described above /
Model black/blue colored carbon  /  standard - visible carbon structure

5. If you want us to customize the interior of the case, please fill in the measurments of your instrument

The most modern technology of production of CCcases available since 1st of March, 2017 !

Cccases has started to use the hightest modern technology of shells by using autoclave. It´s the most modern way to have strong and resistand case and still light for delay wear. There's used the most quality high gloss ceramic finish what'll be included in each case as a standard.
Futhermore there's a special kind of carbon structure. Our cases are an extremely strong, lighter and absolutely perfect high gloss finish!

Optional Colors of quality velvet padding and leather accesories, no extra charge.
Please, choose the color of padding and leather and fill the order form below:
       Bronze                Silver            Bordeaux       Ivory

See samples of velvet padding in section products slider.



1. Unique new neopren cover                                                                            80 EUR   (97 EUR incl.VAT)

2. Black / Blue colored carbon                                                                          75
 EUR   (91 EUR incl.VAT)

3. Extra  color according RAL pallete                                                                100 EUR   (121 EUR incl.VAT) (delivery time according RAL code is about 3-4 weeks)

4. Hygrometer                                                                                                      45 EUR    (55 EUR incl.VAT)

5. Logo (name) on velvet padding                                                                    45 EUR    (55 EUR incl.VAT) 
 (delivery time would be longer in about 1-2 weeks)

All prices exclude VAT Exworks CCCases, Czech Republic


Optional color and extras

YES / NO / Color
Color of velvet padding
Color of leather accesories
Neopren cover
High gloss ceramic finish according RAL code

Basic information

Guitar sizes

Point in image mm