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CCcases is focused on uniqueness, design and quality carbon cases for classical guitars.
See pricing for the case and extra options in " order " section.


Outstanding Strength

The case is made from superior italian 100% carbon. We were not aware  anyone who is using this kind of carbon fiber. This case is indeed very strong and also very light for daily wear.  If you wish to have extremely strong case there is a possibility to add a Kevlar fiber.

Superior hand made Quality

Our company strongly believe in hand made products. Unfortunately it has become a rare occurrence in our modern life. However we not mind to do it the " old way " . In fact the pposite - we are very proud of it. We recognize the fact that majority of our cases are protecting very valuable instruments built by hands of top world luthiers - not by the machines. Therefore we believe that such a treasures deserve also top quality hand made cases. We are therefore happy to announce that all our cases are 100 percent hand made as well.

Unique design 

Our cases are completely made in Europe, however the design was conceived on the drawing board in Indiana - USA. Knowing that our lead designer there has an extensive experience in guitar related design we sent him a list of our demands. We asked for an Elegant, stylish aero-dynamic shape, smooth sports car like design that does not look or feel heavy or bulky. Simply a case that any professional guitar player being on the road all the time would be proud of . Design that will do justice to rare and beautiful instruments protected inside of them.. and that is exactly what we got ! We can only hope that you will take a minute to truly appreciate the Zen shape of our cases as an fine art form.



We offer two versions of case body structure. 
Standard CARBON FIBER with unique ceramic finish.

CARBON FIBER MODEL  ( only 3.5 kg weight ) 
Carbon fibre is an extremely strong and light fiber-reinforced polymer. In our case the polymer is a thermoset - epoxy. This combination is offering a very strong, formable , dense and lightweight composite material with great strength . This fantastic weight- strength ratio ...compared with steel with only one-fifth of the weight is rapidly gaining popularity in aerospace, automotive, medicine and sport equipment industries. 

Advantages of Carbon Fiber Case:

  • Strenght-to-weight ratio
  • Very good rigidity 
  • Resistance to high and low temperatures
  • Fireproof
  • Non magnetic
  • Exclusive appearance                       
  • Resistant ceramic finish
  • Optinal colors according RAL codes


Our hand made - genuine leather accessories are:

Leather handle - case handle is a vital part for traveling professional musician. We placed emphasizes on its strength , extreme comfort and ergonomics. 

At a special request - we can add a custom initials of owner next to our company logo. 
You can also customize the leather color combination within our three color options at no additional charge. 



Our cases feature high quality velvet fabric attached over specially designed padding to ensure very safe - no movement fit of your instrument. We can cusomize case padding to fit almost any guitar - just fill up the measurements of your instrument in "order" section. (please allow 30 days for non standard orders). Custom fit is no extra charge service as well as your choice of many interior colors.
At a special request - we can add a custom initials of owner below to our company logo. 



High quality Spring loaded Draw latches we use are made of stainless steel with highly polished chrome finish. 


Our customized case seal is engineered to provide maximum endurance while ensuring proper fit, form and function even under extreme conditions. 


Each of our cases goes through vigorous quality control after which it is hand signed ( by CEO) stamped and assigned a specific authenticity number. This certificate can be found on the inside cover of the accessory compartment.


  • Carbon Fiber shell with ceramic gloss finish ( pictured above ) 
  • Genuine leather hand made handle ,
  • shoulder straps 
  • High quality interior velvet padding 
  • Uniquely designed storage/ string box
  • Certificate of authenticity 


  • Softshell or Neopren Cover with quality zipper - /see photo sample above in slider/
  • Digital Hygrometer
  • Solid high gloss ceramic color finish in 3 options: 1) Pearl white  2) Pearl bordeaux  3) Gentian pearl blue  (pictures above)
  • Solid high gloss ceramic color finish according RAL codes
  • Special logo according wish
(See pricing for the above extra options in " order " section)